This Formation Was often Used By The Glory West Germany!

This is one of the most modern soccer formations and is associated with West Germany's glory days on the big soccer scene.

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In later days South American teams have started to adapt this style of playing.

The power and secret of this formation is the midfield. With five midfielders any team will play good in offense but will also get a compact defense which can be pretty hard to beat.

The defenders in this formation defensive line will consist of 3 players. This formation requires good technical abilities as well as a good understanding of soccer tactics.

You and the other two players must work hard and encourage your other teammates when they make mistakes.

Aside from a good understanding of the game, playing right or left fullback will require good marking skills.

Keep in mind that there are only you and two more defenders and you will not get a chance to participate in the offense so often as you would in a more defensively formation (like 4-4-2 for example).

Therefore, having good discipline and not taking many risks in defense is vital if you want to perform well in this formation.

If you want to play on the midfield you must have good ball and communication skillss.

You will also need to work with other midfielders in attacking and defending.

The best thing when playing this position is that you will often get a chance to score.

The bad thing is that you have to make long runs home when losing the ball to your opponents. The forward line will consist of 2 players.

These two must work together through the whole match and try not to be separated from each other more than 10-20 yards.

To play as a forward you need to be fast, have good stamina and ball handling skills.

You also need to be quick thinking and not be afraid of dribbling your defender.

In this formation forwards will get more help in comparison to the 4-4-2 formation.

Keep in mind that no formation is the end all be all, instead try to be flexible and learn how to play soccer in several formations to increase your experience of the game.

The more you practice through each soccer formation, the more versatile you will be. If you dream about becoming a professional, this is an absolute must!

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