7 Tips for Effective Soccer Shooting

Effectively shooting a ball and getting it to roll to the intended direction with power and accuracy has been quite difficult for many soccer players out there.

While it is not easy to score an amazing goal without a perfect shooting ability, it is still possible to learn, understand how it's done, apply the same techniques in your situation and then work hard enough till you get it all right.

Here are 7 tips for effective soccer shooting that'll help boost your power, technique and accuracy and get your friends to drop their jaws during the next game.

Soccer Shooting

1. Getting the Right Shoes

It all starts with how comfortable you are when playing. You cannot hit the ball right if you are not free and relaxed yourself. Relaxation comes from being mentally prepared, having done plenty of practice and most essentially, wearing comfortable shoes.

It is important that you wear shoes that are neither too tight nor too loose. I have often seen players who've got great shooting skills but their shoes got in their way all the time. The boots that you choose to play with should be fitting, the laces well tied up (if any) and in mint condition. This way you will be in a better position to shoot and score.

2. Get the Right Spot

Whenever you want to shoot the ball, you need to make sure that you've got plenty of space to stretch your leg so as to make the shot and you've also got your actual target visualized in your mind, which should also be open and easy to get to.

Most importantly, you should not have any opponent against you. This will help you have the kind of confidence that you require to get the ball through the goalkeeper and into the net.

You can only identify the right spot by knowing exactly where you feel at ease and comfort of shooting from. This calls for frequent shooting until you spot that specific place you find yourself scoring more goals with relative ease.

While there are many spots on the pitch that make best places to shoot the ball, it is very important to have the personal "spot" where you get to and naturally feel like shooting, without any pressure.

3. Learning the Best Shooting Drills

Although getting your shooting spot is great, as you shoot, there are certain things you need to fulfill in order to increase the chances of having the shot make a straight goal. You need to make observations, do calculations and have your body in a certain inclination. And to get more specific, here are what make up a good shot:

4. Practice

The biggest fear most people have is shooting and later disgracing themselves. That is why you will find many players shying away from making regular shots even when there is an open chance. You can never score if you do not get to make the shot.

You have to make the attempt! Still all this fear can be attributed to inadequate practice. You will want to practice how to shoot more often if you want to get good at it. Look for easy but effective shooting exercises for soccer players on the web and use them, there are a massive amount of them.

If you believe you cannot do it yourself, then go get some coaching from someone you know is great at it and have them help you.

YouTube tutorials from top players in the world are awesome! Learn some of their training drills, practice and then try them out on the pitch from time to time.

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