A Little Bit About Me and My Background...

me My name is Mirsad Hasic and I was born in former Yugoslavia (Bosnia).

During the war at Balkan I came to Sweden where I have been living since 1993.

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Before I start to write about my soccer career I just want you to know that English is not my native language.

I may therefore have some grammar mistakes that need to be corrected.

So, if you find any of these I would be really glad if you could report them on this page. Now, let me continue with my soccer background.

As a little boy I used to run around and kick that leather ball. We used to play on the backyard and it didn't matter if it was raining, snowing or -10 Celsius.

Every game was like a cup final and it was during these years I realized that I was in love with the game of soccer.

Somewhere at the age of 11 I joined my first soccer team and I still remember it very well (even if it was 16 years ago).

It was a rainy and cold day in mars and we played on coarse sand. I was very nervous and worried about whether my new teammates would accept me into the team.

However, all guys in the team were really cool and helped me a lot. I also scored 3 goals and after the practice you could really see the happiness in my eyes.

me Anyway, at the age of 15 I joined an elite club and played with pretty skillful players.

There was a lot of competition and there was no friendly atmosphere and I stayed there only for 2 years and moved then to a club in the second division.

Despite that the competition was lower I was still facing a lot of skillful players. Some of these are:

What I've learned from playing against these players is that in soccer you need to always think 2 steps further than your opponents.

In high tempo games you don't have many seconds to do something with the ball. That's why these players are so successful; they are able to master the ball in high tempo.

You should know that playing with great players will likely improve your own skills by several levels. The reason is that these players will always offer themselves as passing alternatives and on that way help you make right decisions.

They will not run around and hide themselves from the ball like amateur players are often doing. On this way, you will make very few mistakes which will improve your performance greatly.

me Currently I am playing as defensive midfielder in a division 4 league here in Sweden.

I have a lot of friends there so that is the main reason for why I have been playing there for several years.

It is a league where young players have a chance to show off themselves and improve their chances of becoming professionals.

In fact, several of the players that I have been playing with have joined various elite clubs here in Sweden.

So, my advice to you is following: If you have a dream, then do not give it up just because someone says that you will not make it.

Also, hard work will take you much further than if you were just relying on your talent. I know several great talents that never made it to the professional soccer.

However, I know also few players with very low talent that was able to reach great goals. So, don't give up and keep on trying because if you do, you will never know whether you would have made it or not!

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