It’s All About Online Gambling Scene At Finland

As one of the principal gambling nations across the globe, Finland has always carried government controlled gambling ambience dating back to pre 2nd World War era.

In spite of pressure from European Union lately & the usher of virtual gambling, the gambling structure here has hardly altered itself since the vintage days- and it seems that it is most likely to continue so.

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The legal scenario

The initial slot machines were first introduced in the country in 1920s, from Germany. The private entrepreneurs began to exploit great opportunities extended by these money-machines – which in turn evoked government intervention where only charities were licensed to operate them in 1933.

But constant bickering in between the operations led to the foundation of Finland’s Association of Slot Machine, RAY (Raha-automaattiyhdisty), i

RAY is one among the 3 organizations forming Finnish government’s gaming monopoly. The 2nd one is the Veikkaus Oy which is meant for National Lottery of Finland. Its profits from lotto & other betting antics go to different projects on Finnish sports, art & culture and scientific works.

The rd organization is Fintoto Oy- it’s for parimutuel betting & is specifically linked to horseracing. It invests the betting revenue on Suomen Hippos, the government body that takes care of the horses here.

The Aland Province of Finland embodies a separate gambling system where the gambling antics are controlled by Play Among Friends (PAF) organization. Founded in 1966, PAF brings all Aland Province organizations under a single roof.

It’s to note that the usher of virtual gambling had PAF & RAY competing against each other. Since 1999, PAF has been providing internet casinos & sport betting but it’s 2002 Finland Act on Gaming which has catapulted RAY as sole provider of virtual gambling for Finland mainland.

But, most of the mainland Finns have shunned Veikkaus and RAY for better odds & prizes extended by PAF. The tendency pushed RAY officials to file legal action and immediate government intervention permitted both the gambling bodies to work concurrently.

Finland government deters citizens to participate in overseas gambling but the lack of pertinent legal framework has failed to prevent such acts. In spite of Finland’s gambling profit contributions for noble causes, EU has called the policies “protectionist” and has even pressurized the Finnish government to dismantle the monopoly.

Popular betting market

Pesäpallo is one among the popular most sports betting attraction in Finland & the game is honored as the national sport of the country. Developed in 1920s, it’s a baseball variation with few notable differences & faster speed.

It’s the Finnish less-than-tropical climate which makes an ideal ambience for the sport. The country has earned 5 medals at Pesäpallo events at Winter Olympics 2010.

Eminent gambling events

RAY organizes several poker tours at Casino Helsinki, Helsinki’s biggest casino complex- and also Finnish Championship tour. Finland used to host World Sauna Championships as well which was banned lately given the unfortunate death of a contestant.

What does future hold for Finnish Gambling?

Despite constant criticism on Finnish government’s gambling monopoly, the great contributions made by the gambling organizations here towards the Finnish life & society- can’t be ignored.

In future, the Finnish government might implement more drastic legal powers and measures to prevent Finnish folks from taking to foreign bookmakers with better rates. However, that can further agitate EU as well.

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