17 Animated Laws of Soccer

The idea behind this software is to offer you an alternative method for learning the fundamental soccer rules without needing to read 100 page manuals with all kind of jargon. This software is based on the 17 soccer rules that are originally written by FIFA.

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Basic Soccer Rules

Each section contains a simple animation with (no fancy soccer moves here :-) a text box that explains the most basic points about each rule.

Once you know the simple rules of soccer you can learn more things like, Positions, tactics, the odds of teams to win and more.

My intention is that everyone should be able to use this software which makes it very appropriate for children as well.

So, what do you need to view this software? Well, you don't need any powerful computer as the graphic is pretty simple.

If you have a computer that is not more than 10 years old, this software should work with no problem :-)

You can choose to either download this software or view it online. If you wish to view it directly in your browser then you will need to install Adobe Flash Player

It is a free software and you don't need to give out your personal information in order to download it. You can obtain it directly from Adobe's download center.

Once you have installed it you will be able to view the soccer rules directly by clicking on this link.

However, if you want to save it on your disk and view it later, without an Internet connection just click on the ball icon below. The file is pretty small (about 500 kb) and you will be able to download it pretty quick (even with a 56kb modem :-)

Click on The Ball to Download Animated Soccer Rules

Basic Soccer Rules

Note: You have my permission to distribute this software on your site as long as you use the following html code to link back to my soccer site.

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