How to Perform a Corner Kick With Success?

A corner kick is a great opportunity for scoring, especially if your teammates possess good heading skills.

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A well performed corner kick can easily result in a goal. When taking a corner kick you should generally try to direct the ball towards your opponents' first or second post.

Instep Part

When performing a corner kick you will normally use the instep part of your foot. You should generally try to kick the ball down and also slightly across.

This will generate lift to the ball and also make it spin. Spin will produce swerve and the ball will be harder to grip.

Try also not to lift the ball more than 3-4 yards. My experience is that a high flying ball is much easier to grip compared to a lower flying one.

It is also more difficult to get a header on a high flying ball because you have to wait for the ball to land.

Bending the Ball

When performing a corner kick, you could also use a swerve kick and try to bend the ball near the first post.

If you find this method being too hard, then try to at least curve the ball toward your opponent's goal.

The chance that one of your teammates will get a head or foot on the ball is big.

Another method is to get a floater 5-11 yards out from your opponent's goal line and also about 5-11 yards past the goal. It will be very difficult for your opponent's goalie to judge.

With this method you can often pull the goalie off the goal line and create a great opportunity for a back post goal.

6 Yard Box

You should generally try to get the ball in the front of your opponent six yard box (but not into the six yard box itself). Any ball inside the six yard are will easily be picked up by an average goalie.

The Secret

The secret behind scoring from a corner kick is to be first one on the ball. You will often need to jump to get your head on the ball and you must therefore get rid of your defender because he will surely try to stop you.

One way to do this is to move constantly inside the 18 yard box. Don't stand still and wait for the ball. If you do so, defender will have no problem to mark you.


A corner kick is truly an important soccer skill to master whether you are taking the corner kick or one of the players inside the 18 yard box!

However, it doesn't come to you overnight. You will need to incorporate it into your practice sessions. Don't just wait for your coach to tell you what to do - seize the moment for yourself!

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