How to Perform a Beckham Free Kick?

To become equally good as David Beckham you will need to practice many hours - and I definitely mean many! His free kicks have great accuracy and tremendous curve.

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That's not something you get overnight at all, but many new soccer players get discouraged. It's all well and good to see amazing skills done in professional soccer games, and you can very well copy them.

But this is still something that takes time to truly have under your belt - and that's okay. However they are not that hard when compared with other free kick takers (Roberto Carlos), but his way of kicking the ball doesn't either require any big power.

How to Use This Guide

Start by watching the video where Beckham is demonstrating his free kick. After that you can continue on with reading the 9 steps on how to execute it by yourself. The last thing you should do is to read the tips.

The How to

Here is how to perform Beckham's free kick in 10 steps:

1. Start by placing the ball on the ground and make sure the ball is still.

2. Now, take 6-7 steps away from the ball.

3. Analyze the current free kick situation, including the distance, the wall and the position of the goalkeeper.

4. Try to approach the ball from a 45 degree angle.

5. Close the angle as you approach the ball.

6. During your last step (just before kicking the ball) you should place your supporting foot about 5-6 inches from the ball.

7. Now, swing the arm of your supporting leg in a circle (see the video of how Beckham does it).

8. Bend your body back a little to force the ball to lift.

9. Provide the ball with spin as your kick it.

10. Keep in mind that the ball will fly where your supporting foot is pointing.



This is not a soccer skill you will master in few practice sessions. You must practice as much as possible and monitor your progress all the time!

The monitoring part is crucial because it's the only way you can identify your weak parts and be able to improve them. Once you have an idea of where your weaknesses are, you can only improve from there!

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