Euro 2016 – England Goes Home but still hope for Underdog Teams

There is a lot of commenting on the football in England this morning including comments that England are the only country managing to leave Europe twice in one week!

However, the main story breaking this morning is that the English manager, Roy Hodgson has resigned. This was no surprise as he was firmly told that his contract would not be renewed if the team did not do well enough in EURO 2016, with reaching the quarter finals the minimum requirement.

Many people are criticising England, saying it is their worse performance ever. However, it is likely that they may have lost a bet on the match and maybe did not watch it with the same views as me. From what I could see Iceland were playing really defensively and blocking every attempt that England made, which was leading the team getting more and more negative and therefore forcing errors.

If I was to bet now, I would certainly consider having a bet on Iceland, although there are still some big teams left in the draw with their next opponent; France certainly not being an easy option.

It is interesting how many ‘dark horses’ there could be left in the draw with Poland, Portugal, Wales and Belgium all in with a chance of progressing well as well as Iceland of course. The big shock has been Spain going out so early but with France, Germany and Italy left, they are probably the teams that people will be betting on.

Thursday will see Poland take on Portugal, then Wales will take on Belgium on Friday, German will play Italy on Saturday and France will place Iceland on Sunday. Many will feel that the Germany Italy game will be the most exciting but those teams which are not expected to have done this well, will have nothing to lose and everything to play for and they could come through a lot further into the draw than expected.

Many may be predicting the final already but it is very tough to call. The first semi final will be between the winners of Poland vs Portugal and Wales vs Belgium. With Belgium doing so well against Hungary they may be thought to be the favourite here, but anything can happen in football!

The other semi final will be between the winners of the Germany vs Italy match and France vs Iceland. The obvious prediction would be that it will be France vs Germany but it seems wrong to write off Iceland who defended so well against England, although after defeating Spain; Italy will surely be the favourite in their match.

Then we have the final. Predicting at this stage who will be in it, let alone who will win is very tricky. However, I would most likely, if forced, guess that it will be Belgium vs Germany with Germany winning, but time will tell as to whether either actually make the final and what will happen on the day. All I can predict is that England will certainly not be winning….again!

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