Equipment to Buy If You're a Football Fanatic

Whether you’re new to football or play in the Premier League, it is of paramount importance you get the right kit. Below is some information about four essential items for your kit bag to make sure you get the most out of your game.

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Football Boots

If you’re serious about football, you must make sure you get the right pair of boots. Part of finding the perfect boot to improve your game is making sure they have the correct soleplate for the conditions you play in. The bottom of every pair of football boots is specifically designed to handle different conditions.

Choosing the wrong soleplate means you could slide all over the pitch so it’s vital you choose the right one. stocks a range of boots designed for firm ground, soft ground, indoor and AstroTurf pitches so you can be sure you are buying the correct type.

Firm Ground Boots are best suited to spring and summer weather and are designed to provide excellent grip and traction on hard natural ground surfaces. Soft Ground Boots are ideal for autumn and winter weather so you don’t have to give up your game when the weather gets cold and wet. Soft ground boots feature longer studs on the outsole so you can enjoy a great level of grip on softer pitches which are affected by rain and wind.

If you’re looking for a great pair of boots, adidas football boots as well as Nike football boots and Puma football boots have a fantastic range and each has its own fans and features. In the 2014 World Cup Brazil, the adidas adizero F50 boot was the top scoring boot of the tournament and was worn by the likes of Lionel Messi, Tomas Muller and James Rodriguez (when he scored that amazing volley).

Nike’s Mercurial range is known to be one of the fastest, most lightweight boots on the market. Worn by the likes of Zlatan, Walcott and Cristiano Ronaldo, Nike football boots are a top choice. Puma’s objective is to react quickly to new trends and bring new innovations to the market.

Worn by Manchester City star Aguero, Puma‘s EvoSPEED is built for speed and is super-lightweight to allow for quick movement. Warrior football boots are designed to perform, and their Skreamer boot is worn by Marouane Fellaini.

Shin Guards

You’ve got the boots and the kit, but it shouldn’t stop there. Shin guards are an essential but often overlooked item in a footballer’s kit bag. Shin guards are built to be comfortable to wear whilst offering impact protection so you can guard your legs from the impact of the game. Built for a secure fit, they will stay in place as you train.

If you are serious about football and want to minimise risk of injury, make sure you get yourself some shin guards. Made to be breathable and comfortable, you will forget you are wearing them until they come to your rescue!


Baselayers are a great addition to any footballer’s kit. A quality baselayer will help to keep you dry and make sure you won’t get a chill whilst resting.

You will have to consider your playing conditions when choosing your baselayer. In warm conditions, you will need a baselayer which wicks moisture away quickly to give you a cooling effect. In the cold, you will want a baselayer to keep you warm with thermal protection but also stay dry with moisture wicking materials. Protected from the negative impacts of cold and heat, when wearing the right baselayer you are able perform at your best.

Goalie gloves

If you have ambitions of being the next Joe Hart or Gianluigi Buffon the one vital thing you will need is a good pair of goalkeeper gloves. You’ll need a great grip to catch and throw the ball, as well as padding for comfort and punching clear. You will have to consider size and cut, the playing surface and conditions you play in to get the ideal glove for you.

Flat palm cut is the traditional cut for goalkeepers, and it is internationally the most popular type of glove. Otherwise known as the “box cut,” Flat palm gloves have seams which are stitched on the outside, making each finger look like a box. Pepe Reina, Júlio César and Victor Valdes are all goalkeepers who prefer the Flat Palm Cut.

The Roll Finger Cut is the most popular UK glove. It offers a more snug fit than the traditional flat cut palm so goalkeepers get an improved contact with the ball when catching or throwing. David de Gea, David James and Robert Green all use the Roll Finger Cut gloves. A great Roll Finger Cut glove Kitbag stocks is the adidas Predator Roll Finger glove, which provides a good grip, cushioning and durability.

Negative Cut gloves are used by professionals worldwide, and is a popular glove cut choice in Europe. These gloves provide a more snug fit than a traditional flat palm, and many people say it offers a better feel when throwing and catching. Due to the better ball contact, many goalkeepers in the Premier League are beginning to use this cut as their preferred choice. Edwin Van Der Sar, Iker Cassilas and Petr Cech are goalkeepers who use Negative Cut.

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