Cool Soccer Drill for Passing and Shooting

My ultimate goal with this soccer drills section is simple: I want you to truly get better at playing soccer. Soccer is one of my favorite hobbies, and it is great exercise as well!

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Before I go into this drill, I want to let you know that you can print it out and use this drill during your training sessions - with my full blessing and permission, of course!

Now, let's get down to business.

Passing and Shooting Directly at The Goal


To improve passing and shooting.

Drill Set Up

Set up three lines of players and place them outside the 18 yard box. The line in the middle should have the balls.

Execution of the Drill

The first player in the middle passes the ball to the first player in the left line who directly passes the ball to the first standing player in the right line.

The player in the right line should shoot at the goal directly by using the instep or the inside of his foot. All the 3 players should rotate clockwise.

Equipment Needed

Balls, Goal


A variant is to let the player in the middle act as defender after he plays the ball to the left line. You may also restrict your players to pass and shoot with the weaker foot.

Here is how you should set up this drill.

The first player passed the ball to player two who directly passes it to player three. Player three needs to shoot immediately by using the instep or inside of his foot.

The three players rotate clockwise and three new players' starts over with the drill.


In order to benefit maximum from this drill your players will need to have a solid rhythm working with the ball.

You may restrict the players to use one touch on the ball but if they fail to do so, you should increase the amount of touches to two or three.

Make also sure that players understand the drill properly before you launch it.

Remember, try to vary your practice sessions and try not to focus on a specific soccer skill too much!

Practice makes perfect. It's very tempting to get tired and give up before you've really developed all of your soccer skills.

But that's not the way to greatness at all. So you have to make sure that you break out of that attitude immediately.

Good luck with your practice, you're going to be amazing!

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