Glossary Of Sports Betting Terms

Whether the thought of making money via betting caught your fancy, or you just want to brighten up everyday life this way, you should get to know about the basics of special betting terminology.

Sport Bet

Below we offer a short glossary of sport betting terms, which will help you to understand many basic concepts. To learn more, visit Motorsports betting odds and tips online at OddsDigger.

Action line (Money line) – all available sporting events you can bet on.

Arbitrage betting (arb, Surebet) – bets on the opposite outcomes of the same sporting event made in different bookmaker offices in a way, which allows a player to win in any case.

Bank (Bankroll, BR) – total amount of money, allotted by the player for betting.

Banker (Lock, Secure bet) – a bet on a match with the undoubtable outcome. Odds of those matches usually are low. But even such events not always meet expectations and lead to lose of everyone who had bet on seemingly safe match.

Bet – risky investment into the sport. The money you give to a bookmaker in hope of winning more money with selected odds of some sporting event or result.

Better (Punter) – someone who makes bets. In other words – a player.

Bookmaker (Bookie, BM) – an organisation, which act as a professional debater between players and carry out bets reception for sporting and other events.

Cancelled bet (Push, Tie) – return of allotted money to the player because of a cancelled match or a draw with a handicap.

Capper (Handicapper) – a sporting specialist which engage in forecasting matches and suggesting the best bets on sporting events, someone well versed in sport and bookmaking sphere.

Deposit – money transfer to the bookmaker account.

Double result – a bet on the outcome of the first half of a match along with the outcome of the entire game.

Fixed match – a sporting event, the outcome of which is set before it begins.

Forecast (Prediction) – probable outcome of a match (event).

Game strategy – complex set of rules, mechanisms and algorithms, by using which players can make bets with maximum profit while minimising risks.

Live bet (In-play) – a bet made during a match in real-time.

Live-line – matches added to the live bets section by the bookmaker.

Lost (Loss) – a bet that didn’t win.

Odds – a value corresponding to the match outcome. The higher outcome chance the lower odds would it have. Odds value directly affects the winnings.

Open (Pending) bet – a bet that didn't play out yet.

Outcome (Result) – outcome of a match.

Payment (Payoff, Withdrawal) – withdrawal of earnings from a bookmaker.

Profit – the player earnings, which are equal to the amount of winnings without the bet itself. In other words - "net profit".

Profit margin (Juice) – share of the money bookmaker take. Usually included in the odds.

Sellers of fixed matches – impostors, who confuse people by selling them forecasts under the guise of fixed matches.

Single bet – a bet on just a single outcome in a single match.

Betting notices:

Of course, this is not a complete glossary of sports betting terms. The material above is only cover the basics you need to know, but it should be sufficient for beginners. Happy betting!

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