Three Simple But Highly Efficient Heading Drills

The drills presented on this page are best performed in groups of 2-3 players. Involving too many players would decrease the quality of them and also not give the expected return in the form of improving other soccer skills of your players.

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Heading Volleyball

This one is great for increasing your heading technique. It can be easily performed 1 vs. 1 style and I can assure you that this drill really rocks.

However, the only negative thing with this drill is that you will need a net or something similar in order to separate the sides.

The purpose of this drill is to head the ball back and forth over the net. Points are given when one of you is unable to head the ball over the net.

Handling the ball is not allowed except for serving. If you don't know where to get a net you should consider purchasing a badminton net which should be pretty cheap and great for this drill.

After purchasing your net find a free area on your backyard and set up the net there. Call then a friend or teammate and ask him to come over and practice with you.


This soccer drill can be performed alone or with a friend. If you are practicing by yourself, simply throw up the ball and start to juggle by using your forehead.

If you have a teammate to practice with, throw the ball in the air and compete by heading the ball back and forth to each other.

The one that can complete the most number of exchanges without letting the ball fall on the ground is the winner.

Throwing The Ball

Find a teammate and stand about 10 ft. apart. Then throw the ball back to each other so that you are performing a standing jump to head the ball back.

Making sure that you remember to jump while heading the ball is a bit trickier to learn and master, but once you handle this part you will have a much easier time winning heading duels in your regular games.


When it comes to soccer heading skills, one thing that you need to keep in mind is to always head the ball by using your forehead.

If you head the ball with the top or the side of your head, you're bound to have more headaches.

When the ball is flying toward you, keep your eyes open and hit it with determination and power!

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