How to Dominate Your Soccer Game in The Air?

Heading is vital for dominating the game in air. Having good heading ability will help you dominate in the front of both six yard boxes. You will also be able to score more often at the corner kicks.

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With your heading skills your team can use the long ball tactic and completely bombard your opponents with long passes towards their penalty area.

As with every other soccer skill, learning how to head a ball properly may take you some time to learn.

Remember to keep your focus on improving your heading skills every practice.

If you do that, you will soon notice some great results in your heading skills. Now, let's take a look at the different methods for heading a soccer ball.

The Flick Header is Ideal for Passing and Scoring

Flick-on Header The flick header gives you the opportunity to play the ball in any direction off your head.

This technique is usually used in front of the near post when the ball is crossed from the wing.

This method of heading makes it very difficult for the soccer goalie to grip the ball.

Diving Without Risking Your Life!

The Diving Header During a diving header you must propel your body in the path of the ball.

Your arms must also be stretched forward to protect you when landing on the ground.

Many soccer players find this type of header very difficult to master.

If you have a problem with performing this technique, try to practice the dive without ball.

Glancing Header is Easier Than You Think!

Glancing Technique in Soccer When performing a glancing header you need to turn your head in the direction of your aim.

This motion will redirect the oncoming ball. The glancing header provides versatility in the air.

This method of heading is especially important in front of the goal when you want to direct the ball past the opposing goalkeeper but also on the field for passing the ball to your teammates.

Standard (Defensive) Header is Ideal for All Situations!

Standard Header Technique When performing a standard or defensive header you need to hit the ball with power.

This is done by arching your back and swinging your head forward. You must also keep your shoulders leveled and perpendicular to your aim.

The standard or defensive header is ideal for soccer beginners.

Jumping Header is a Skill You Must Learn!

Jump and Head a Soccer Ball A jumping header is ideal for scoring during a corner kick but it requires you to jump at the right moment.

Jumping to early or too late will result in a poor header!

This skill is crucial to learn no matter which position you are playing at!


All of these header techniques definitely have their place in the world of soccer. When you're just starting out, you must want to learn every last one all at once.

This is only going to make you overwhelmed and increase your risk of injury. You are going to need to practice as much as possible in order to really become a better soccer player.

It's easy to feel discouraged and want to give up, but that's really not something that you want to do. Be sure that you give yourself enough time to honestly learn what's going on in a deeper level.

That is the real difference between "here and there" soccer players, and players that really understand what it means to play soccer well!

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