How to Play Soccer Without Teammates?

So, how to play soccer by yourself? Is it boring? Well, practicing on your soccer skills alone doesn't have to be boring.

My experience is that playing soccer alone will increase your skills greatly because you will be focused 100%.

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In this article I will explain how you can practice by yourself and the benefits of it. Let's start...

More Time to Focus on Your Weak Sides

While playing soccer alone you will have much more time to focus on improving small details in your game (e.g receiving the ball with inside, outside etc).

For example: Let's consider that you want to improve your shooting skills. If you were playing with your friends you will probably have fewer shooting chances as everybody will be screaming, "Pass the ball! What are you waiting for?"

However, playing by yourself will make it possible to shoot as many times you want as you don't have to care about passing the ball.

Not Having The Ball

Another disadvantage while playing with your friends is that you will not have the ball at your feet so often.

Of course, you may take the ball and start to dribble every time your teammates pass it to you.

However, I can ensure you that after 4-5 times no one will pass the ball to you because they don't want you to dribble all time.

To improve your dribbling skills one of the best methods for doing that is to put few cones and start to dribble them.

Believe me, getting around the cones is not that simple as it may look :-) I don't know how many times I have stumbled over them and kicking them away just to realize that cones have not done anything wrong! :-)

My Favorite Method

Now let's take a look at my favorite method for practicing alone. Kicking a ball alone against a wall may not sound so exciting. However, the importance of that cannot be described with words.

While kicking the ball against the wall you will be able to practice on several different soccer skills like receiving, trapping, passing, heading, turning and so on.

As you realize possibilities for this way of training are endless and it's only your imagination that can stop you.

To make you realize how important kicking the ball against a wall is you need to keep in mind that many great players like Maradona and Pele used to practice on this way.

Boring is Good

During the off season you may found yourself being too lazy trying to avoid anything that has to do with soccer fitness.

Now I want you to change your mind and start to see soccer fitness as something that will help you improve your game. I know that running alone in cold temperature doesn't sound so exciting.

Your teammates probably aren't going to put in the same effort as you. They don't want to run in the cold. They want to be inside, playing computer games.

However if you want to blow past them and become the soccer player on the team to watch, you need to practice your skills alone. Learning how to enjoy solitude is also a skill that will serve you very well in life.


It's really all about your mindset. If you aren't thinking clearly, you can only dream about becoming a professional soccer player.

Now that you know the answer to the original question, there's only one more thing to do: go out there and play soccer alone!

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