Learning The Soccer Kick in 12 Steps

Before you start keep in mind that kicking is something that takes time to learn and you should therefore not get discouraged if you don't get the results you want immediately.

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Always keep in mind to practice and sooner or later the results will come.

1. First thing you need to do is to get a soccer ball. The size of the ball can vary from 3, 4 to 5 depending on your age.

2. Get a quality pair of shoes. Try to avoid these with plastic studs because they are not just poor made; they may also cause injury to your feet. Don't either try to kick the ball without shoes. Get a quality pair of shoes. I really mean quality here - try to avoid the ones with plastic studs. Not only are they poorly made, they may also cause injury to your feet. By the same token, don't try to kick the ball without shoes.

3. Now, start by placing the ball on the ground. Make sure the ball is still and prepare for the kick (especially if you are new to soccer).

4. Take some steps back (4-5 should be just fine). By taking 3 steps back diagonally you will get a harder kick. This is because you will also use your hips to gain more power on the kick.

5. Now, approach at the ball from left if you are right footed and vice versa.

6. Perform a quick run towards the ball by placing your supporting leg about 5 inches from the ball.

7. The direction on the ball will depend primarily on where your supporting leg is pointing. You need therefore to ensure that your supporting leg is pointing in the right direction.

8. Pull your kicking leg back and swing it at the ball having your toe pointing at the ground. Try to strike the ball at the middle of it (if you want maximum power).

9. You should also try to kick the ball about where the laces of your shoe are.

10. Keep your body relaxed while kicking the ball.

11. Leaning your body back will cause the ball to fly higher and leaning your body forward will cause the ball to fly lower.

12. You will also get a more powerful shot if you lean your body forward during the kicking moment.



The soccer kick is one of the most critical skills you can pick up. Don't think that you can just practice for a few hours. You really have to immerse yourself into the game as much as you can!

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