Ideal Drills for Individual Soccer Practice

In this article I will present 4 individual soccer drills that you can use while practicing by yourself. Bear in mind that you are your own coach - it's up to you to make sure that you are constantly improving your soccer skills.

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This simply means that you should encourage yourself to perform the drills with maximum effort and focus. Now, let's check out the drills...


This drill is my favorite when it comes to individual soccer drills. There are countless variations on this one and I recommend you to practice on this drill as often you can.

Many great soccer players (Maradona and Pele) used to practice their skills with a wall.

Some important things to bear in mind are:


The key with this drill is to keep jumping on and off the ball without letting it move backwards.

I know from experience that this drill looks pretty simply while watching someone else performing it.

However, once you start to perform it you will notice that it is more difficult then you first realized.

To perform this drill you will simply need to:

Machine Guns

This drill is designed to improve your ball skills, increase your stamina, and even raise your overall endurance and speed levels.

To perform it you will basically need to:


If you don't know how to juggle a ball then you don't know how to play soccer either. There's just no other way to say it - you either have the skills or you don't.

This is one of the most basic soccer skills and will help you improve your overall ball skills.

Be sure to use all parts of your body while juggling the ball. I know from experience that juggling with your head and thighs is more difficult than using the feet.

Juggling can be pretty difficult, especially if you are new to soccer. However, you should keep in mind to never give up.

When I started to play soccer it took me over one year just to learn how to juggle the ball by using my both feet.

Here is a plan on how to juggle by using different parts of your body:


You should perform these soccer drills with 1 min intervals. Interval training is powerful!

For example: Do the triangle pull-backs for 1 minute then rest 1 minute. Try to do at least 5 sets per drill.

If you put effort in performing the drills right you will soon notice an improvement in your overall ball skills.

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