Individual Training is Crucial For Your Soccer Skills

Here are 4 cool tips for individual training that you should find usable.

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These individual training ideas are my personal favorites and if you practice on them regularly I can ensure you that your soccer skills will increase.

1) Practice

Every time you play soccer, either on your regular practice or just hanging with your friends, I suggest you to use your weaker foot to kick the ball.

I know by experience that your other foot will feel unnatural while kicking the ball but.

However, I can ensure you that the more you practice with it, the more natural will it feel.

One drill you can use to improve your natural touch with your weaker foot is to juggle.

You can also try to receive the ball with your weaker foot as well!

2) Using Weights

When practicing with weights you should try to lift 5 more times or so with your weaker foot comparing to your natural kicking foot.

However, you should not concentrate on lifting too much with your weaker foot as it could make your kicking foot weaker.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you should not start to lift weight until you are at least 18.

Starting earlier could hurt your development in long term ways.

3) Practice Kicking Without Using The Ball

Okay, this tip might be a little out there for some of you, but I really do swear by it.

The purpose with this drill is to get a more natural feeling of your kick.

However, you should not walk around on the street and perform your kicking movements as people may start wonder what you are doing :-)

My recommendation is to practice on this at least 15 min per day.

One good thing with this drill is that you can do it in your room or while walking to your school.

However, this is just a complement for your ball training and you should keep in mind that practice with the ball is still your best option!

4) Confidence

Having confidence is something that's incredibly important!

You might not realize it, but your weaker foot may be holding you back more than you think.

This means that you're going to need to focus on getting it stronger - even when your teammates think it's unnecessary.

If they give you grief about it, just tell them that you're strengthening that weak foot, which will make you twice as dangerous.

Once they see the progress you've made, they'll start doing the same - trust me.

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