Great Indoor Soccer Tips That Will Improve Your Performance, Guaranteed!

In this article you will get valuable indoor soccer tips and how to take advantage of them during the game.

Use Toe-Kick

A toe-kick is the best weapon for scoring goals indoor. The reason is that you don't need any big space to fire a hard and well placed shoot.

My recommendation is to use your toe-kick for shooting as soon as you get the chance.

Fast Feet

While playing indoor soccer you don't have so much time to decide whether you will pass the ball, dribble, or shoot. You need to know this before receiving the ball.

The reason for why Brazilian players are successful is that they usually play soccer on small fields that are pretty equal in size to indoor soccer.

The Walls are Your Best Friends

My personal no 1 indoor soccer tips favorite. While playing indoor soccer you should learn directly to use the walls. In defense, you may use a wall to force an opponent to dribble to the walls where he or she will have harder to score from.

In offense you can use the walls as an extra player. If an opponent attacks you, then you may pass the ball off the wall and then run around your opponent to receive the ball on the other side.

However, you should try to vary this tactic as opponents may learn your style of playing, which will make it hard for you to get around them later.


While defending don't rush at your opponent. Defending in indoor soccer is similar to playing in defense in outdoor soccer.

However, in indoor soccer you will be able to drive the opponent where you want. It will also be easier for you to cover free areas and your opponents will need to react faster to get around you.

One touch

Using one touch in soccer is probably the most efficient tactic. However, to play one touch you will need to think fast and know what to do with the ball before you receive it. Playing with one touch will also increase the game tempo.

It is therefore crucial to have good condition levels when playing with one touch tactic. My personal experience is that no team in the world can defend themselves from players that are constantly moving while passing the ball with one touch to each other.

Try to Shoot Often

While playing indoor you should try to shoot as often you can. Even if you don't score there is a big chance that the ball will rebound off the wall and set up scoring chances for your teammates.

Pass The Ball on the Ground

Try not to lift the ball while playing indoor. Passing the ball on the ground is necessary due to the small field of play. Also, if the ball is cleared outside the field you will be giving a free kick from that particular spot.

Playing in defense

Always try to mark you opponent and stay with him. Don't rush at him as he may fool your easy with a quick turn.


Dribbling too much in indoor soccer can be pretty dangerous. If you lose the ball there is a big chance that you opponents will score a goal from their contra attack.

However, you should dribble when you are alone with one or more opponents around you and with no teammates to pass the ball to (in your opponent's goal kick area of course).


In this article you will get valuable indoor soccer tips and how to take advantage of them during the game.

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