How to Cross a Ball Over 40 Yards

Have you ever wanted to kick a ball longer than 40 yards but felt that you don't have enough power to do it?

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Don't worry about that more. In this article I will show you exactly what you need to do in order to kick the ball far away with good accuracy.

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To kick a ball far away you don't need to have big leg muscles. I'm not going to be winning any bodybuilding contests, but I've been told my soccer skills are quite good.

I have found that learning how to cross a ball over 40 yards is empowering for your entire soccer game.

Once you hit this milestone, it can feel like the whole world is waiting for you - at least the world of soccer!

The technique behind your kick is critical in determining whether the ball will fly far or land a few yards in front of you.

It doesn't matter which position you are playing because being able to kick a ball far away will always be important.

Here is how to kick a ball over 40 yards

1. Kicking Leg Position - The more you bring your kicking leg back the more force you will be able to put on the ball.

2. Ankle Position - The ankle of your kicking leg should be locked.

3. Knee Position - Try to have the knee of your kicking leg slightly bent. This will make it easier to kick the soccer ball with your half instep.

4. Supporting Leg Distance - Try to have the foot of your supporting leg about a foot away from the ball. By doing this you will be able to strike the ball from a 45 degree angle which will make it possible to increase the force of your kick.

5. Direction of The Supporting Foot - The foot of your supporting leg should point in the kicking direction.

6. Body Position - To get enough height on the ball you will need to lean your body back. 20 - 30 degrees back should be enough.


Kicking a soccer ball longer than 40 yards may take you some time to learn. It took me a lot of time and practice to master 40 yard kicks.

However, just because I was forced to practice so much doesn't mean that you have to automatically follow in my footsteps.

I know all too well that the things mentioned in this article can be hard to remember, especially if you are new to soccer.

You may therefore print out this article and use it as a checklist while practicing on your 40 yard kicks. Try also to practice on your kicks by using both your legs.

However, learning to kick the ball far away with your non-kicking foot will probably be much more difficult. But it can be done; you just need to practice more.

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