How Long Time Does it Take to Learn Soccer?

Learning the game of soccer is fun but how long does it actually take to become good on soccer?

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As with everything else in life, some people learn things faster than others. It might take you longer to learn than someone else, or you might be quicker than others.

A good example of this in motion would be the classroom setting itself. You might have some classmates that seem to be good at everything.

They may have a high IQ or maybe they simply have a natural propensity to learn things quickly. That doesn't really matter. What matters is your desire to learn new things - do you really have the passion it takes?

Everyone has at least one thing they're good at - the key is to finding it. Yet just because you're not a good soccer player today doesn't mean that it's impossible to learn the game of soccer and actually get good at it.

Practice is The Key

The most important thing in soccer is to have strong will to practice. This is something to keep in mind and will be crucial for your success on the field. It doesn't matter how talented you are if you don't take your practice seriously.

So, what do I mean with seriously? Well, I simply mean that you should live like a serious soccer player. This includes proper eating, sleeping, preparation etc. You can't expect results from something that you have put little effort in.

In soccer, you will be forced to sacrifice things like going out with your friends or playing video games because you will need to practice instead.

So, where to start your soccer journey? The first thing is to get into a soccer team. It doesn't matter actually how good the team is, the purpose is to start learning how the game of soccer works.

Practicing By Yourself is Hard

It is hard to learn all these soccer skill by practicing on our own, especially if you have never played soccer before. However, before joining a team I would recommend you to learn some basic soccer rules first.

This will make it easier for you to understand what your teammates are talking about and terms like throw in, offside, free kick etc.

The second thing is to get right equipment. You will need a pair of soccer shoes, shin guards, a proper training jersey, shorts and socks.

This is enough to get started with and you can increase your cleat collection as you get more comfortable with playing soccer. Third thing is to study guides (kicking, dribbling, passing...) presented on this site.

If you don't want to get overwhelmed by the massive info on them, I would recommend you to read every guide more than once. You can also print them out and have them as a checklist while practicing on your skills.

I Know How it Feels

Yes, I know the feeling... to put your foot on a soccer field for the first time. Today, 15 years after my first soccer practice I even remember what I was wearing, the weather circumstances, the field and which day it was.

I also remember wondering what I was doing there because everything was so new and hard to grasp that first day. I could not receive one single pass without having the ball bouncing several yards from me (but thats' another story :-)

However, many years later I am glad that I found this wonderful game because there is simply nothing better than kicking a ball.

Don't get discouraged if your soccer learning curve doesn't quite point straight up. Learning soccer well is something that's going to take some time and you really have to work hard in order to become good. If it were easy, everyone would do it!

Remember This...

Believe me, when you start receive credits from teammates and the crowd telling you how good you have become, it will be the best feeling ever.

I wish you good luck with your soccer career, and don't forget to always do your best no matter what and you will be just fine.

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