Secrets Behind R. Carlos Amazing Free Kick

The R.C free kick performed in France 97 mini World Cup is probably the best free kick goal ever scored.

The accuracy and technique of that kick was impressive. I mean, not many people expected a shot from that distance.

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France's goalkeeper Fabian Barthez was just standing and wondering what was going on. I think it took him a while to understand that Carlos actually scored.

Since then many people have tried to copy his free kick but I have never seen anyone else perform it with such power and accuracy as Roberto Carlos did.

The Secret

So, what is the secret behind his free kick? Well, first of all, Carlos has such a powerful shot that he doesn't even have to kick the ball hard to get it flying 60-70 yards.

One of the main reasons is that his leg muscles are pretty big and this provides great power to his free kicks.

Second, he almost always kicks the soccer ball with accuracy which is something that requires many hours of practicing. During one interview he said:

"I have practiced on my free kicks accuracy since I was a child. I used to stay at least one hour after each training session and practice extra on my free kick accuracy. It's like with everything else, the more pain and sweat, the more you will get".

Third thing is that he really believes in what he is doing. You can't become a good free kicker if you don't believe in yourself.

You Must Believe in Your Skills

If you honestly believe that you can't do it, you will not put the right amount of power behind your moves.

Confidence and determination is the key factors and you should never give up no matter what people say. Keep in mind that you don't need to have a hard shot to become a good free kick taker.

Try also to be relaxed in your body during the kicking moment. Practicing on getting the ball at the goal is also very important.

I mean, what is the point of having a hard shot when you can't manage to hit the goal?

The How to

Here is how to perform the R.C free kick:

1. Place the ball about 6-7 yards from where you are standing.

2. Keep your body relaxed.

3. Analyze the place of your opponent's goalkeeper, the wall, distance etc.

4. Now perform a fast run at the ball and kick it hard with the outside of your foot providing a good swerve on the ball.

'If you have managed to provide the ball with enough screw, the ball will fly around the wall and hopefully hit the goal.

However, you should be aware of that you may need to perform hundreds of free kicks before you ever manage to get around the wall.

If you can't get your training friends to stay in the wall, you could put 3-4 poles (about 1.5 yards long) and use them as a wall.


Remember: To master this skill and all other soccer skills as well you'll need to act and think like a master as well!

Positive thinking has to be found within everything you do as a soccer player. Trust me; I know the journey can be very long.

I know that there are stresses beyond belief. You will feel a pressure to push hard in order to get the recognition you desire, but that's no reason to strain.

The performance gains you desire come from consistency - working smarter, not harder. I wish you the best of luck, don't give up!

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