The Back Pass Drill is Ideal for Improving Your Overall Passing Skills

This soccer drill is intended to improve the accuracy of your back pass. It is also ideal for all age groups as well!

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Improving your back pass technique.

Drill Set Up

Half of the players should create a ring. Each of these players should also have a ball.

The other half that is inside the ring should start to move in different directions searching for free teammates with ball.

Performing the Drill

The players with the ball should kick it a few inches in front of them and wait for a teammate to meet up.

When a teammate meets up with them they should pass the ball on the ground by using the inside of their feet.

All players should vary their passing and receiving foot while participating in this soccer drill.


The players may also use their head or instep to kick the ball. The players may also compete with each other by counting the amount of successful passes. The one with highest score is the winner.

Equipment Needed

Cones, Balls

Back Pass Drill


As you become more familiar with the back pass drill you should try to increase the tempo and your footwork.

You'll also find yourself using the back pass in real games as well - don't forget to practice hard! Your future soccer matches are counting on you being at your best!

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