How do You Become a Freestyle Pro?

You may have heard this new term floating around the soccer world called freestyle but what is it actually?

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Well, as it sounds, freestyle in soccer is about doing tricks while juggling a ball with different parts of your body (head, shins, knees etc).

You may perform freestyle tricks while you are sitting, standing or sitting on the ground.

A good freestyler is creative and can produce his/her own tricks. Freestyle in soccer is something that you can do in any place.

The only thing you need is a ball and little space. To become a good freestyler you need to practice a lot, have patience and the most important thing: have fun!

Benefits of Freestyle

The main benefit of freestyle is that you will improve your coordination, balancing and ball control.

It will be easier to perform advanced moves like double scissors or the Ronaldinho move.

But if you just want to freestyle and don't want to improve your soccer game, the main benefit of free-styling in soccer will be improved health conditioning.

Downside of Freestyle

Free-styling in soccer may look cool and great to watch on but on soccer field you will not have any benefits of your free-styling.

You cannot start to perform an around the world and hope to fool your opponent. But of course your opponent may get confused and wonder what is going on.

As a freestyler you will have tremendous ball control but you will probably lack in other soccer attributes that you will need during a soccer game.

Others Experiences

Some soccer players that I personally know have reported that watching freestyle clips have helped them improve their game by several levels.

They said also that other difficult soccer move become much easier to perform after gaining some basic freestyle skillss.

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My advice to you is to have fun with the freestyle in soccer but you should always try to improve your regular soccer skills before anything else (passing, crossing, receiving etc).

Keep in mind that because it is really important for your development as soccer player. More about freestyle in this soccer forum.

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