How to Perform an Indirect Free Kick?

When performing an indirect kick you cannot kick the soccer ball directly into the goal. One of your teammates needs to touch the ball first!

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An indirect kick is pretty similar to the ordinary free kick when it comes to accuracy and power.

You will therefore need to practice on it just as much as you will need to practice on direct free kicks.

The How to

Here is how to perform an indirect kick in 6 steps:

1. Talk with your teammates and decide who will be the kicker.

2. If you are the indirect kick taker try to have at least one of your teammates around the ball. This will make it harder for you opponents to guess who will actually kick the ball.

3. Always ask the referee for 10 yards if your opponents try to get closer to the ball.

4. Wait for a teammate to touch the ball.

5. Try to get the ball at goal. This can be pretty difficult to do because you will have all opponents with their goalkeeper standing on the goal line.

6. Follow up your shot in case the ball comes back at you.

Tips and Tricks

There are two strategies to use when performing an indirect free kick.

Strategy One

The first one is to kick the ball under your opponents. Try to pretend like you are going to shoot high. When they jump, kick the ball with power and accuracy under them.

Strategy Two

The second strategy is to make you opponents think that you will shoot low. Instead of doing that, try to lift the ball high because they will hopefully not jump in the shooting moment.


This is a soccer skill you'll usually never practice on during your regular training.

Also, you will neither get the chance to take an indirect free kick as it doesn't occur as often during a game.

However, once you get the change it is your task to utilize this opportunity and do your best to score!

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