The Instep Kick is Hard to Control

The instep is the part of your foot where your shoelaces are tied. This type of soccer kick is ideal for long distance shooting.

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Your non-kicking foot is used as a support and should also be a little bent during the kicking moment.

By bending your body over the ball you will keep it low on the ground. Bending your body back will also add height to the ball.

The follow through should be long and smooth. Keep in mind also that you need to bend your toes so that they are pointing straight at the ground.


The following is a list of problems you may face while practicing on this soccer skill:


The instep kick is great for shooting from a long distance. However, the more power you use the harder time you will have controlling the kick.

I have scored several goals from 30+ yards with my instep but I must admit that you'll need a bit of luck to score from that distance!

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