The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Dribbling Moves

"A soccer move is a term that includes feints, footwork, dribbling and turning with a soccer ball"

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First thing that you will notice when starting to practice on your moves is that some of these moves will be a piece of cake to learn while others will seem to take a lifetime to master.

This is pretty common and nothing to be worried about, especially if you have recently started to learn how to play soccer.

You may even get frustrated if you notice that your other teammates are learning the moves faster than you. Don't let that affect you.

Instead, encourage yourself to practice even harder because it is the only way. But if you really want to know why your teammates seem to be born with some particular moves, keep on reading.

Are My Teammates Better?

Your teammates are not better on soccer than you just because they know how to perform some cool soccer moves just after a few tries.

Instead, some people need a very short time to learn things, and this is not just because they are smarter than others, they simply have a natural born talent for something.

But just because you don't have a natural born talent (e.g brazil players) for soccer doesn't mean that you should give up directly.

Talent is just something that will help you on the way, but without real hard work you will never become a good soccer player.

Style or Not to Style?

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not learn a specific soccer move just because you want to style for your friends and others. Instead, you should only learn a move if you can perform it during a soccer game.

Many players seem to forget this and spend many hours practicing on soccer moves that they will never use during a soccer game.

I can agree that styling for others is exciting, I mean when people are standing there and whispering "WOW", you will feel like the worlds greatest soccer player.

But, instead of practicing on some moves that you will never use in a regular game, try to use your time instead on something more valuable like practicing on your push pass or shooting skills.

Where to Get Inspiration?

The best way to get inspiration for different soccer moves is to watch all kind of soccer both live and on TV. Bring a notebook and write down what these players are doing when performing a move.

Instead, study how they move and apply that to your own style of play, but don't try to copy their way of playing, it is impossible, believe me!

If it was possible every soccer player on the earth would have same skills as Cristiano Ronaldo or Ronaldinho :-)

When to Practice?

Do not practice on your soccer moves during a regular soccer match. Before you decide to try a move in soccer games you need to master it properly.

My advice to you is to first start to practice on your backyard or similar where no one will disturb you. When you feel that you have enough skill to perform this move against an opponent, try it out on training.

You need some opponents to try your awesome moves on and the best ones are your teammates.

When you can get around your teammates with your new learned moves you are ready for the last step which is trying them out in a real soccer game.

What if You Fail?

First time you perform a move in a real soccer game, you may fail but don't let that discourage you. Instead, learn from your mistakes, and wait for another chance and try out your move again.

With another chance I don't mean that you should try out your moves every time you receive the ball. You need to remember that soccer is not a one man game.

Beside you, there are 10 more players that really love to play with the ball and you must consider that before trying out your new learned moves.

My advice is to pass the ball 3-4 times after a failure and then try out the same move again. Remember, to become a better soccer player you cannot be afraid of failure.

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