The Two vs One, Shoot at Goal Drill

A fun soccer drill is the 2 vs. 1 with a shoot at the goal. As with every soccer drill it is very critical to have your players focused and hard working.

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One thing you can do is to arrange a competition where the winners are awarded with a small gift.

Name of the Drill

Two vs. One


To improve the attacking skills of your team

Drill Set Up

Take 4 cones and set up a rectangular area. Both short sides of the rectangle should have a goal just like on the image below. Place one line of players next to the left side of both goals.

Performing the Drill

Two players from the left line (The Blue Team) start to run at the same time while passing the ball between them.

One defender (The Red Team) performs a quick run and attacks the player with ball trying to clear the ball away from him.

The player without ball should not be still. Instead, he should be moving and offering passing alternatives to the player with ball.

If the attacking players manages to get around the opponent and finish at goal they should step aside and let two new attacking players from the right line (Red Team) enter the field of play.

However, this time one new player from the left line should act as defender.

Equipment Needed

Four cones, two goals, colored bibs, balls


There are several variants on this drill. For example, you could have 2 attackers and 3 defenders or vice versa.

It is up to you to decide whether your team should focus more on attacking or defending.

The starting formation of the drill.

The two players from the left line start to run while passing the ball between them. The defender from the right line attacks the player with the ball, trying to clear the ball away from him.

The attacking player with the ball should either dribble and finish with a shoot or pass the ball to the other player.

After finishing, two new players from the right line enter the field of play while the player from the left line acts as defender.


This drill is great for all ages and you should incorporate it often as a part of your practice plan.

However, as with every soccer drill you need to encourage your players to work hard during the drills in order to benefit maximum from it.

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