These Two Shooting Drills Are Ideal for Developing Scoring Abiliates

Shooting drills are useful for strengthening skills in soccer, but they should never be done at the start of practice.

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The reason here is pretty straightforward: your players won't be warmed up properly, making them at risk for injuries.

If the injury is serious enough, it can hold them off the field for the whole season.

Using The Weak Foot

Improve Your Shooting Skills


To develop shooting skills of your players by using their weak foot.

Drill Set Up

Create two lines of players. Place the left footed players (red color) in the left line and the right footed players (gray color) in the right line. Put two cones on the same place like on the image. The space between the cones should be about 1 yard.

Execution of The Drill

The first standing player in the red line starts to run slightly with a ball at his right feet (on the same way like illustrated).

Once he reaches the 18 yard box, he should finish the attack with an accurate shot at the goal.

Once he has fired the shot, the first standing player in the right line should perform the same routine (from the right of course).

The only difference is that he will shoot with his left foot. The player that scores most goals is the winner.

Equipment Needed

Balls, cones, marking vests


You may vary this drill by restricting your players to only shoot by using the inside part of their foot.


Being able to shoot with both feet is very important in soccer. A player will become much more efficient in the front of the goal if he knows how to fire an accurate shot with both feet.

Accuracy Improver

Soccer Shooting Skills


Improving the goal scoring abilities of your players.

Drill Set Up

Use two cones (or similar) and place 2 balls on them (like on the image above).

You may also skip the balls if you can't place them on the cones. Arrange your players in a line and make sure that each of them has a ball (see image).

Place two cones 1 yard from the 18 yard box line, with 2 yards between them.

If you don't have a goalkeeper available you can put a net or similar (just like I did on the image above).

Execution of the Drill

One of your players starts to drive the ball towards the 2 cones.

Once he reaches them he should aim at one of the cones that are placed at each side of the posts and fire a well accurate shot.

If he manages to strike one of the cones he should run towards that cone, put it on the place (with the ball on it) and then continue at the back of the line.

The first player that manages to reach 10 strikes is the winner.

Equipment Needed

Balls, cones


You can vary this soccer drill in several different ways. One thing you can do is to add a goalkeeper which will force your players to shoot harder with more accuracy in order to strike the cones.


This drill will be highly appreciated among your players no matter what their current skill level is. It is a great way for increasing your players' shooting accuracy while allowing them to have fun.

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