Shooting Skills You Must Have in Your Arsenal!

With shooting mastered, you will be able to score more goals, but what you may have missed is the fact that shooting is not just about power.

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If you want to master the art of shooting you will also need good precision and be able to decide when to fire a well placed shoot. This will be the key points for how many goals you will score.

Good scoring ability is also important because it may increase your chances of becoming professional. But don't get me wrong, just because you are good at scoring doesn't mean that you will become professional!

Instead, you must work hard to improve your weak sides, because no soccer player in the world is perfect, and I don't think he/she will ever exist. Now, let's check out the different shooting methods...

Instep Drive or The Knuckle Shot

Instep Drive The instep drive is a very useful shooting technique when you want to strike the ball with power from long range. However, this type of shot is very hard to control which means that you should not be surprised if the ball ends up 20-30 yards behind the goal.

Swerve Shot

Swerving Shot A goalkeeper's worst nightmare is known as the swerve shot. This type of shot will swerve once you fire it and to save it requires a lot of effort. However, learning learn how to perform a swerving shot is really difficult and not many players in the world are able to perform it in high tempo. However, you should still practice on it and try it out in real games because failure is the key to success.

Full Volley

Full Volley A full volley can create a powerful shoot which can be impossible to save (if you get it on the goal of course). The most difficult thing with a full volley is to get your shot on the goal). You really need to strike the ball perfectly and in right moment. If you fail to do so, the ball will often end 20 yards behind the goal. This type of shot is ideal when you have several opponents running towards you while the ball is falling from the sky. A common situation is when the ball is cleared away from a corner kick and you are standing about 5-10 yards from the penalty box line.

Half Volley

Half Volley A half volley is pretty similar to the full volley except that you will first get control on the ball and then fire the shot. This is also why a half volley is a better alternative for long range shoots because you will be able to receive, aim and fire the shot while the opponents are unprepared. However, keep in mind that beating the keeper with a 30 yard shoot really requires a lot of skill. But, I've seen people score goals from 70 yard with the half volley so it is not impossible. Like with any other soccer shot you should not overdo it. Instead, try it twice but not more than three times per game.

Side Volley

Side Volley A side volley is great when you have the ball bouncing at your side. A side volley requires good balance and great precise timing which means that you need to play it properly before striking the ball. The most difficult thing with a side volley is to get the ball on the goal. It may look easy but often you will either totally miss the ball or send it 30 yards behind your opponent's goal.

Flying Volley

Flying Volley The flying volley is not something you will see every day. This is a type of shoot that requires great acrobatic abilities and timing. The most difficult thing with a flying volley is that you need to jump in the right moment. It is also crucial to know how to land because if the ground is hard it will hurt, believe me; I know what I am talking about :-) There is also a risk that you could hit your opponents head instead of the ball. So, be cautious and make sure to plan your jumps.

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