Some of The Most Popular Tactics You Should Study and Understand

Tactic is the overall approach to a soccer match by a soccer team. Each of your teammates needs to implement team tactics by making decisions during the game.

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In other words, every option you choose on the soccer field will comply with the tactic of your team. If you don't understand them well enough you will be confused and your performance will decrease.

Dozens of Tactics

There are dozens of different tactics in soccer but what do you need to know actually as soccer player? You probably have been overwhelmed by your coach's talking in front of the tactic board telling you how you should run, how to defend, how to play in offensive etc.

I bet that after 5 min you don't ever remember 50 % of what your coach have told you :-) The world of tactics becomes even more difficult if you have just started to learn how to play soccer.

So, what measurement can you take to learn tactics? Well, the answer on this question is is to participate in real soccer matches.

Tactic is a topic that cannot be learned only by reading. You need real practice and to experience real situations. The only way to do that is to play in a regular team.

No Soccer Team Available? No Problem!

But what if there is no regular soccer team available? Well, in this case the only option you have is to watch live soccer, either in the stadium or on your TV. However, there is a catch with this method of learning and it is to get emotionally involved in a team.

If you are for example a big fan of Real Madrid C.F you will have pretty hard to concentrate on their tactic on the field.

Instead you will get totally immersed in the competitive aspect, in the drama unfolding, the goals, the referees etc. Make sure to choose a team that you don't even like and use them as your study object.

Beside playing in a regular team and watching live soccer you could purchase an instruction DVD or video regarding your tactic (individual, offensive, defensive etc.) and study it.

Make sure you don't rush because tactic is a difficult subject especially if you are new to soccer. Take your time to understand the details.

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Back in Time

I remember when I started to play soccer. We were using the man to man marking tactic and I was playing left back.

Instead of marking my opponent I was running like a lost sheep chasing the ball. This resulted in big gaps on the left side which my opponents were smart enough to exploit.

This would never happen if I listened to my coach during the tactic review but I was so tired so I listened to music and closed my eyes while the coach was speaking.

After this I spent few matches on the bench as substitute to study my teammates and learn what man to man marking actually means :-) But don't worry about this, the chance that you will face same destiny like I did is minimal.


Keep in mind to have patience while learning tactics. See it as a part of your overall soccer education and don't feel down just because you don't understand a tactic directly. Also, always ask you coach if there is something you need to get clarified.

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