Master The Thru Pass With This Drill

The soccer thru pass is a very important soccer skill that each player needs to know.

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This drill is a good way to practice on it and you should try to incorporate it into your regular soccer practice every third or fourth week.

Name of the Drill

Soccer Thru Pass Drill


Improving your thru pass.

Drill Set Up

Have one teammate standing about 20-25 yards from (see the image). Place 2 cones 10-15 yards from you.

If the distance is 20 yards to your teammate then place the cones 10 yards from you and if the distance is 30 yards then place the cones 15 yards from you and so on.

The distance between the 2 cones should be about a yard apart.

Performing the Drill

You must pass the ball through the cones. Your teammate should receive the ball with the inside of his foot and then pass it back to you on the same way just like you did.


One thing you can do to make the drill more fun is to count every successful pass (the ball is passed through the 2 cones without touching them) as +1 point and every unsuccessful pass as -1 point.

Count the points after the drill is over. The player with highest score is the winner.

Equipment Needed

2 Cones, 1 ball.

Soccer Thru Pass Drill


During the drill you should try to use your both feet to pass and receive the ball. Yes, I know that one of your feet will always be stronger than the other.

If you really want to become a good soccer player you will need to play well with both feet.

As you become more familiar with the drill you should try to increase the tempo and cut down the distance between cones to a half yard or less.

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