Develop Your Scoring Skills With This Drill

This is a drill that I personally enjoy during my own soccer practice sessions!

You will develop two main skills which are the ability to break away from your defender while improving your finishing skills.

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Name of the Drill: Break away and Shoot Purpose

Improving shooting and finish.

Set Up

Set up 2 lines of players just outside the penalty area (see the image). Also place one player between the two lines.

This player will serve the ball to the attackers in various ways. The red team should start as defenders while the blue team is the attacking one.

Performing the Drill

The player in the middle plays the ball to the attacker. A defender starts his run at the same time as the attacker.

The attacker should try to finish with a shot as quickly as possible while the defender should do everything he can to prevent him from shooting. Change the roles after 5-10 minutes.


You may place your defenders closer to the attackers in order to make it more difficult for the attackers to finish with a shot on the goal.

The middle standing player could also throw the ball and force the attacking player to first regain control on the ball and then finish with a shot.

You could also increase the distance to the 18 yard box in order to force the players to shoot harder and with more accuracy.

By doing this you will also give more time to the defender to catch up and block the shot from the attacking player.

Equipment Needed

Balls, One Goal

Offensive Soccer Drills

Here is how to set up the drill

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The player in the middle passes the ball to the attacker. The attacker should try to finish with a quick shot while the defender should try to block the shot.


A defender will rarely find himself 1 vs. 1 with the goalkeeper. However, when the situation shows up it is critical for him to know what to do.

That's why defenders need to play as attackers during this soccer drill. Keep in mind to encourage your players to use their both feet during the drill.

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