Trapping The Ball Techniques Explained

Trapping the ball is an important skill you need to master as soccer player. It doesn't matter if it is a pass from a teammate, a clearance from the goalkeeper or a 40 yard cross pass, maintaining the possession of ball is crucial.

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The difference between professional and amateur soccer is the quality of the first touch.

Trapping the ball in 3 steps

1. Your foot should be 2-3 inches off the ground.

2. You toes should point up.

3. Now use the sole of your foot to stop the ball.

Here is how to trap a ball that is bouncing

1. Try to figure out where the ball will bounce.

2. Move yourself to that spot.

3. Now, turn the foot sideways.

4. Lift your foot slowly off the ground.

5. Directly after the ball hits the ground use your instep to touch it.

6. The backspin of the ball should roll it toward you.

Keep in mind that figuring out where the ball will land or bounce takes some time to master especially if you are new to soccer.

The most important thing with trapping is to gain control over the ball. You don’t need to make it look pretty every time.


Remember this: You may have great talent but without hard practice you will never become a good soccer player. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start to practice :-)

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