How to Practice on Your Vision Without Physically Participating in a Soccer Game?

Involving vision training is crucial especially if you are playing as a central midfielder.

However, the problem with field vision is that you may need pretty long time in order to develop it.

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As the more experience you gain on the soccer field the better your field vision will be. But, there is a way to speed up this process.

Simply, try to study as much Live and TV soccer you can. Try also to play on several different positions as you will rarely play on one position during your whole soccer career.

Ball Skills

Good ball handling means better field vision. By increasing your ball skills (e.g receiving, passing, shooting etc.) you will have more time to search for your teammates and locate the movements of your opponents.

One thing you can practice on is to always keep your head up while having the ball at your feet. Understand different tactics - Soon or later you will be forced to face several different tactics.

Understanding how different tactics works will help your increase your field vision. One thing you can do in order to increase your tactical skills is to watch professional soccer games and analyze the movement of the players.

However, do not analyze a forward if your regular position is fullback. Instead, focus on analyzing your own position as you will surely spot some things that will help you increase your performance.

Enough Awareness

Good awareness will come indirectly by having good concentration. However, many players seem not to understand that awareness starts during your regular soccer practice.

One of the most important things I have learned during my soccer career is that the way you are playing on your soccer practice will affect the way you are playing during your soccer game.

In other words; if you don't have enough awareness on your soccer practice, you can't either expect to have it during your regular games.

And if you don't perform maximum during your practice you can't expect any improvement in your field vision either.

One rule that you should have is to treat every practice like a regular soccer game. That means maximum awareness and 100% concentration on your task.

Serious about becoming a professional soccer player? Then you are going to have to become equally serious and focused about practicing your soccer skills.

You don't want to get lazy -- that's no way to get what you ultimately want. I will never tell you that soccer is easy - but I will say that you need to focus on the bigger picture.

You can do anything you put your mind to!

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