Develop Your Players Ability to Keep The Ball Under Control at High Speed

The main purpose of this drill is to increase the ability of your players to keep the ball close to the feet while running at high speed.

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Name of the Drill

Improve the speed with ball.


Running at high speed while having the ball under control.

Drill Set Up

The position of your players should be just like on the image below. Each of your teammates should have a ball at their feet.

Execution of the Drill

The first standing player in one of the lines starts to run in a straight line with the ball.

As he passes the 2 cones in the middle, the other player in the opposite line should start to run with the ball.

During the drill you should encourage your players to use both feet while running with the ball.


This drill can be also done with 1 ball only. Simply, once the player reaches the other line, he should stop the ball by either using the sole or some other part of his foot.

The next player takes over the ball and starts to drive it forward. As your players become more familiar with the drill you should increase the tempo and the distance between the lines.

Equipment Needed

6 Cones, 1 ball per player.

Youth Soccer Drills

The starting formation of the drill.

Youth Soccer Drills

Start to drive the ball forward.

Youth Soccer Drills

Once the player reaches the other side, the first standing teammate starts his run.


As with every soccer drill you need to encourage your players to perform it at their maximum effort.

If your players perform the drill right you will soon notice improvements in ball handling and your team will start to play better.

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