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Hello and welcome to soccer training guide. On this site, I will give you valuable information on everything about soccer. Improve your skills and strategy and read up on nutritional advice so you can become the best soccer player you can be.

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44 Secrets for Playing Great Soccer

The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Positions

After spending hours searching for relevant information about soccer I was disappointed and tired of many soccer sites out there because I believed that these sites did not help soccer players at all. Instead, these sites just repeated the same theory over and over again. That is how the idea for this website came to me.

So I decided to build a website with only relevant information about soccer and do everything I can to help you succeed on the soccer field. I love to watch, play and discuss soccer every time I get the chance. I usually don't define soccer as a sport, instead I call it a lifestyle, because soccer is a main part of my life.

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I would not call myself a soccer fanatic either, but I am living for the game. Everyone that loves soccer knows what I am talking about, there is simply nothing better than kicking that leather ball, the passion and joy of soccer can't be described with words, you have to experience it yourself.

44 Secrets for Great Soccer Goal Scoring Skills

One of my main problems with this website was to figure out who is reading all the soccer information published here? Is it a soccer player searching for efficient soccer moves and dribbling tips? Maybe a soccer mom trying to learn more about the different soccer positions?

Or a father that want to learn more about how to play soccer? My vision is that everyone who likes the game of soccer should find something interesting on this website. Soccer is a game for any age and we are all kids when playing, watching and discussing it. Don't you agree?

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If you have read our 40 awesome soccer rules and strategies you will be well on your way to knowing everything you need to know about soccer.

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How To Pick The Right Soccer Cleats - Having the right pair of cleats can be difference between success and failure. It's therefore crucial to get a model that suits your feet best!

Get Your Answer on Your Soccer Questions - Would you like to get a response on questions regarding your soccer game in less than 24 hours? This premium service is only for serious players and conaches!

The Animated Basic Soccer Rules - These 17 laws of the game are developed to help you understand the fundamental aspects of soccer game.

Soccer Formations Guide - This illustrated guide will outline and discuss the most common formations used in soccer today.

Heading in Soccer - This is a skill you need to learn no matter what position you are playing at. Yes, even if you are goalkeeper this skill can be highly useful as well!

Soccer Passing Skills - What are the different passing techniques you should learn? Get also valuable tips on how to master the skills faster and avoid common pitfalls!

Improve Your Soccer Kick With Ease - Learn different kicking techniques and find out the secrets behind each of them!

Free Soccer Drills For Instructional Soccer - These illustrated drills are suitable for most age groups. You can easy print them out and use them during your practice.

Important College Soccer Tips - How hard is to get recruited and how to improve your chances with these simple tips.

Learn From Other Soccer Players. - On this page you'll be able to share your personal story about soccer, share valuable tips and receive valuable comments from other contributors.

Soccer Dribbling Tips - Discover the secrets of becoming a dribbling pro and watch your opponents fearing you!

Become a Soccer Shooting Master - Learn different shooting techniques and common mistakes you must watch out for when practicing on these skills.

Learn Awesome Soccer Moves - Spice up your skills with these great moves amd become the true dribbling star of your team.

Soccer Nutrition Guide - Learn the true importance of nutrition and how it affects your performance on the soccer field!

Soccer Related Injuries - What are the most common injuries associated with the game of soccer and what can you do in order to avoid them?

The Importance of Soccer Fitness - Learn why fitness is crucial for your performance and get tips on how to improve it as well!

Being a Soccer Goalie Can be Boring - Here, I will cover what skills you need to pose in order to succeed as a goalie.

How to Become a Soccer Freestyle Master - Learning different freestyle skills is fun but do you really need these in order to succeed on the soccer field?

Understanding Soccer Tactics - This is a part of soccer that many players hate but it is a crucial part to learn if you want to take your game from average to awesome!

Receiving the Ball in Soccer - You can receive a ball with different parts of your body and in this part I will show you how to master each of these skills.

Soccer Ball Control Guide - There are different parts of your foot that you can use to control a ball and in this part I'll help you master each of these.

Trapping The Ball - Trapping a ball may look easy but you will need many hours to master it completely.

Basic Soccer Rules Guide - These 17 rules are fundamental for every player and you really need to learn them in order to play soccer.

11 Tips to Consider When Buying a Soccer Ball - Choosing a high quality ball that meets your unique needs is the first step to finding success on the soccer field.

Understanding The Game of Soccer for Moms - Being a mom is a tough job, we all know that. So to help you out I have made a list of 8 points that will teach you the fundamental things you need to know about soccer.

The Ultimate Soccer Positions Guide - This is a comprehensive guide to diffferent positions jam packed with great tips!

The Ultimate Soccer Moves Collection - This is the ultimate collection of moves that I recommend to anyone who wants to become a true dribbling star of his team!